My Video of Cara Delevingne Reaches Half a Million Views on YouTube


I worked on a compilation video for my YouTube channel that showcases Cara Delevingne’s best fashion moments (which was uploaded in 2016). I just found out that it reached a YouTube milestone: it now has more than 500,000 views. Watch the video below.

Visit this page:

Part II can be found here (uploaded in August 2017):


My work at GW Law

Information about my published work:

I served as a contributing editor for GW Law’s magazine, which can be found here. To view my published articles, I included a few examples below. For more, please visit this page.

My photography work (I included some galleries below):

GW Law’s social media accounts: Facebook and Twitter. Please look at posts and tweets between October 24, 2016 – October 5, 2018.

Additional multimedia examples can be found below (created by me). Please click on the Facebook icon for each post to view the caption.


In the Executioner’s Shadow


I’ve had the opportunity to work on this documentary alongside Rick Stack, Bria Renée, and Keila Gunter, Maggie Stogner, and Sam Tinsley since August 2015. This experience has taught me a lot about our criminal justice system, and I want you all to learn a little bit about this project:

“In the Executioner’s Shadow,” is a documentary that tackles the tough issues of justice and capital punishment. It weaves three personal narratives. One pro. One con. And the rarely heard perspective of a former executioner who reveals an astonishing story. Over the past three years, filmmaker Maggie Burnette Stogner and author Rick Stack have filmed over 50 hours of footage with their main characters, as well as with thought-leaders such as the former head of NAACP Ben Jealous, author of Dead Man Walking Sister Helen, author and retributionist Robert Blecker, and others. This film will be a catalyst for justice reform. But they need your help. They have one major shoot left and need to get started on editing. Please make a tax-deductible donation to their IndieGoGo campaign and spread the word.

For more information about the film, check out our website:

For a draft of the “mini-doc” that I worked on as part of my creative portfolio for the film, please email me at

Eco-Comedy Video Competition 2016: ABOUT ‘My Life With an Anti-Conservationist’


I wrote, produced, and directed “My Life With an Anti-Conservationist” for the 2016 Eco-Comedy Video Competition. For my video, I wanted to do something simple yet relevant. The theme for the competition was “clean water.” Clean water is often taken for granted, which is upsetting. Conserving water has become an international topic of discussion where national leaders are feeling the urgency from environmentalists to promote all aspects of sustainability. It’s no secret… climate change is real. We’ve heard this. In tackling climate change, it’s important to remember that little decisions count: don’t waste eater, turn-off lights when not in use, recycle, conserve, conserve, and conserve. Although my video did not make it to the final round (more than 73 video were submitted!), I do hope people get the chance to view it. The reason why? It’s funny (trust me, it is… a Beyonce song is featured… as well as a Rihanna song!). But seriously, it shows you that conserving something as precious as water is super easy. Let’s be mindful of our resources and protect our beautiful planet!


Details of the competition:

Produce a short, humorous video for YouTube tackling this year’s theme. “Connect the drops” between clean water and life. The contest is open to anyone worldwide who has a flair for producing videos and something to say about conservation.

Submissions must:

  •          Be humorous!
  •          Communicate a clear (and funny!) message around the broad theme of “clean water” and overall environmental conservation.
  •          Appeal to a broad audience.
  •          Be an original production.
  •          Be less than three minutes (including titles and credits).
  •          Be posted to EcoComedy Video Competition 2016 YouTube Channel at:



My partner in crime, Alex. He’s the amazing sound editor/mixer. If you need a professional to work on sound editing, email with any questions/concerns

Heywin “Eve” Yitagesu (she plays Eve in the video)

Spring 2016 Client – Cafe Milano

For my strategic communication practicum course, my classmates and I will be working with Franco Nuschese, owner of Cafe Milano located in Georgetown (Washington D.C.). This is a very interesting opportunity that I am grateful for because Mr. Nuschese, a well-known global businessman who is passionate about Italy and the quality of his meals, wants our class to work for him in promoting his restaurant. My classmates and I are very excited to work with him and his PR team. My class will be responsible for creating high-quality videos and photos to promote the Cafe’s upcoming 25th anniversary. The following list gives a brief overview of what will be done this semester:

* Create an entrepreneurial event for Kogod (American University’s School of Business) that features Mr. Nuschese speaking to students. Mr. Nuschese is a well-known global businessman, and this event gives him the opportunity to promote his new restaurant that will open in Abu Dhabi.

* Photo-shoots of meals on the menu for future marketing purposes/create social media content.

* High-quality videos of chefs, employees and fans of Cafe Milano for its 25th anniversary. (Fun fact: President Obama and the First Lady, Drake, Matt Damon and Reese Witherspoon have dined here!)

* Create an e-flyer and brochure for marketing purposes/supplies.

* Contact food bloggers that are local and are “social media famous” to highlight Cafe Milano and what it offers.

* Work with the traditional media to generate “buzz” about Cafe Milano. Food segments featured on local channels to highlight popular dishes. We will be contacting journalists to review the new meals for the first-ever brunch menu.

* More to come…


Here’s to an exciting and productive spring semester!



My Summer Internship at JHUAPL

This summer I got the opportunity of a lifetime to intern at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory in Laurel, MD. I was able to witness a historic moment in U.S. history as well as being involved in such a historic mission. NASA’s New Horizons mission definitely made my internship at APL the best so far. Everyone in the Office of Communications and Public Affairs handled themselves so well, even under so much pressure from guests and media visitors. I was able to meet Suzanne Malveux and Bill Nye (The Science Guy) thanks to this internship. I also got to meet Alan Stern (Principal Investigator for New Horizons) and Alice Bowman (Mission Operations Manager for New Horizons); interestingly, I got the chance to teach Alice the basic functions of Twitter, so I hope she has fun catching up with social media! I will forever be grateful to my supervisors at APL for allowing me to witness history; truly, words do not express how grateful I am to have spent the summer at APL.